The philosophy behind CLAWDI is to take something old or broken and give it a new life. Our mission is to create clothing with a low environmental impact and to work towards circularity in fashion design.

Everything is handmade in Western Australia from only upcycled materials.


Fashion is one of the most environmentally taxing industries - many natural resources are exploited and polluted through the production of new textiles and apparel, coupled with fast changing trends and an insatiable demand to consume, our planet just simply cannot keep up. 

In Australia more than 800,000 tonnes of unwanted clothing is sent to landfill each year and only 10- 15% of discarded clothing goes to charities or the second hand clothing market; the rest goes to landfill.

By choosing to shop secondhand textiles you are avoiding the environmental impacts caused by the production of new virgin textiles and industrial clothing manufacturing. So thank you for the love and support which allows us to continue redirecting textile waste from landfill !

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