Creating clothing with a low environmental impact is the number one priority, when making decisions in the studio, the most sustainable decision is always preferred.

Pure wool blankets, sewing threads and all other fabrics are sourced secondhand from charity stores. 

Labels are made from upcycled workwear sourced through Fibre Economy and hand stitched with cotton embroidery thread.

Working with a non conventional material has its challenges, over the years I have sampled many different styles and garments (pants, shirts, skirts etc). Wool blankets were not designed to be worn on the body or in close contact with the skin - they can be very thick, bulky and sometimes itchy.

Through trial and error, it was clear this material was best suited to outerwear and accessories.

*I do not include linings because it complicates the ‘end-of-life’ phase.

As most of the blankets we work with are over 30 years old, this will likely be the last user cycle the material goes through before becoming ‘unusable’. The dream for CLAWDI is to be a circular brand, which means designing with the ‘end-of-life’ in mind and reusing all of our waste.

The more you mix different fibres and materials into a design, the harder it becomes to down cycle after being discarded.

Please let us know if you have sensitive skin or a medical condition which would require a lining and we will do our best to accommodate.